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Words, words, words

In our mobile-driven news cycle of article skimming and decreased attention spans, it is imperative to quickly ensnare your reader. Focus must be drawn in with an appealing hook and valuable narrative, paired with clear and concise language. It is not only necessary to communicate facts and details, but also to entertain, excite and inspire action.

The following writing samples offer more than a standard press release, blog post or event announcement. Follow the button below each excerpt to view the content on its original platform with additional imagery.

More writing samples are available upon request.

"Brewer's Choice: Wolfhound"

Published March 1, 2017

"The month of March brings us two joys: dark beer and debauchery. Malty, roasty brews are happily deposed in honor of Saint Patrick and the hunt for the perfect Irish treat is in full steam. Our resident brewer/botanist, Molly O’Brien, brings her unique brand of acerbic sweetness in this month’s Brewer’s Choice, Wolfhound."

"Macho Man Razzy Savage"

Published April 3, 2017

Barrel Master Travis Camacho is a man of superior palate. Standing at the head of our OAK Project, Travis is the gatekeeper to all things sour. We love experimenting with anything we can get our hands on, especially barrels and bugs, and Travis is at the helm of creating the most eclectic and extreme beers we produce.

"Drake’s DIY: Case Box Cowboy Hat"

Published June 24, 2017

What screams ‘Murica louder than making a cowboy hat out

of a case box? Pretty much nothing, that’s what. Drake’s longest serving employee, Dow Tunis, shows you how to impress your friends and annoy your enemies in our most recent #DrakesDIY blog.